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Dan and Lynn Copelin are Springfield MO Realtors who specialize in helping you get what you want.    They are the owners of Opportunity Realty small and extremely effective Missouri Real Estate firm.   Dan and Lynn have both lived in the Springfield area most of there lives. Having lived in the area for all their lives and knowing all the area., Dan and Lynn are known for being able to find exactly what you want.   They are dedicated to their clients and will get you in the home that you want as fast as possible with the least possible hassle.

Dan is native borm in the Ozarks, he attended first and second grades in a one room school house. He is a graduate of Central High in Springfield and Southwest Missouri University. Dan first obtained his real estate license in 1974 and has negotiated 100's of successful transactions and brokered 1000's of closings. He started opportunity realty in 2002. Opportunity is by design a small company to give personalized service and not just a cookie cutter approach as seen in many larger companies.

Lynn's real estate career started in 2003. She excels at customizing the search for you home to save you time and effort in finding just the right home. She is very good in finding the right home for the buyer and the right buyer for every home. Lynn treats each client with individualized care because she believes you and your family should receive special and personalized service.


Our mission is to help you get what YOU want . We don't believe in pushing. We don't try “fix people to houses” rather we seek to find the right house for each person. We are dedicated to delivering the personalized service, exceptional communication and professional expertise that will give you successful results. 


We believe that there is no greater guide to conducting business than what Jesus taught in doing to others as we would want others to do to us.
We believe in the infinite value of every human being and that God sent His son Jesus to redeem everyone and give all an opportunity to accept the free gift of salvation and eternal life.
We believe in the holy bible being the inspired and inerrant word of God and within it a keys to life.
We believe in under promising and over delivering in everything we do for buyers, sellers
We believe that Everything is an opportunity IF we have the right prospective
We believe that life is an adventure and too short to not to have fun in what we are doing, So our clients move should be as fun and hassle free as possible.
That your home is extremely important and will have great impact on your family's future.
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That economic justice can best be won by free people through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
that all people are created equal under God with the opportunity to become unequal.
We believe in the principles set forth in the USA constitution and the wisdom of our forefathers in requiring its representatives to pledge its defense

We Pledge
To treat everyone with respect and honor
To be honest with everyone
To value everyone's Opinion, Time and property
To strive for a Win-Win for all parties in every transaction
To give our clients the best possible service
To give our clients our complete loyalty and care
To give our client confidentially

As Your Listing Agent
Our goal will be to sell your home in the shortest possible time while netting you the highest possible price with the least possible hassle. we offer a proven, comprehensive Marketing System that can be tailored to your individual situation, including the most extensive internet marketing exposure in Springfield area. we post a minimum of 8 photos online for each of our listings. Print, targeted direct mail, and national television advertising will drive prospective Buyers or their agents to any of up to 9 possible websites. We take pride in communicating with our Sellers after every showing and periodically, as needed, to make adjustment or changes to help them reach their goal of selling their home as quickly as possible. We will guide you through the negotiating and inspection process after we receive an offer, will arrange for the closing attorney, and can recommend a list of prospective vendors should repairs or services be needed to bring our transaction to closing.

Our services to you are provided free of charge as we are compensated by the Seller. our goal will be to find the best possible home for you, meeting or exceeding your search criteria when possible, while adhering to your stated price limit. Using your preferred search criteria and our knowledge of the East E-Pro Certified agent we have the ability to send you Buyer's Tours, or send research on a specific property or school district for you to preview from the comfort of your home. This eliminates a great deal of driving around and allows us to zero in quickly on what you consider the most important features of your new home. We will lead you through the negotiating and inspection process, making sure that your rights are protected along the way. We can recommend a list of mortgage companies, inspectors and other vendors from which you can choose to provide any needed services, will preview your Good Faith Estimate and Preliminary Closing Statement to make sure you are not being charged incorrectly or unfairly, and will arrange with the Seller for the transfer of keys and utilities.

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