When we needed to find a nice house near ours in a hurry for my father-in-law to move to Springfield, Lynn and Dan worked hard to help us. They did a great job! Found the perfect house in the perfect location! Nice people, too. I highly recommend them! Thanks guys!!!!

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Take a tour tho Springfield MO

Watch Dan And Lynn Copelin's tour though Springfield

SE Springfield, MO Great Home in Springfield, Missouri

Hosted By Dan & Lynn Copelin
Come and join the fun and preview this home for yourself or someone special.
REASONS TO LOVE THIS HOME                                                                                                                    
Pershing and Glendale Schools
Chereoakie Neighborhood Watch

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Money Working For You VS working For Money

Is your money working for you?
Ok lets say you have $10,000 How can you put that to work for you with the least amount of risk?

Option #1... Put cash under your mattress:

                         The advantage is you have your cash available when you need it.
                          The disadvantages.... To earning from your money.
                                                       .... Getting robbed.

Option #2... Money in Bank.
                          The advantage is you money is "safe" in the bank... as long as nothing dyer happens to the economy.
                           The disadvantage is currently only earning less than 1%

Option #3.... Stock Market/Mutual Funds/ bonds

Option #4..... Real Estate